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CareZare is a free app that empowers caregivers to stay on top of caring for their loved ones. Involve other family, friends and professional outside services in the caregiving process.

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What you can achieve with CareZare

Carezare coordinate


Simply assign, log & track care activities, ongoing tasks and visits, on the fly. Ensure that your loved one has what they need and their care team knows what to do.



Bring your team together to plan, schedule and track your caregiving activities in real time. Quickly update and adapt care
tasks as your loved one’s needs change.

carezare connect


Stay connected and put your mind at ease with an up-to-the-minute journal, real-time notifications of care tasks events, and history of care, right at your fingertips.


How it Works

CareZare empowers family caregivers to take the best possible care of their
loved ones while also taking care of themselves.


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Invite your team to CareZare, caregiving app that provides a simple way to build and manage your caregiving team including family, friends and professional caregivers

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CareZare Features


Team creation & management

Activity tracking

Task assignments

Activity planning and scheduling

Care and visit logging


Tracking one-time and ongoing tasks

Real-time notifications of care events

Care task status and Ongoing reporting

Up to the minute journal of care history


CareZare empowers family caregivers to take the best possible care of their loved ones while also taking care of themselves.

CareZare allows caregivers to take a team-based approach to caregiving instead of going it alone. Involve other family, friends and outside professional services on a single platform for ease of communication and better care.

With a simple, user-friendly interface, CareZare guides you through the caregiving process, which can often be overwhelming, proving a communication platform that allows you to track visits, feedback, care tasks and more in one place.

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