CareZare Must Read Roundup for October 12

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Caring for a loved one can be a tough and lonely experience. Our goal at CareZare is to bring the caregiver community together. Every other week, we’re sharing some of our favorite reads around caregiving. Our goal is to inspire you, lift you up and share new ideas or strategies. Enjoy!

Keep Your Brain Buffed: Eat well and puzzle often--that’s the simple, research-supported advice to stave off dementia. A quick and inspiring read that serves as a great reminder for caregivers and CareStars alike on staying healthy and keeping your mind sharp.

The “Pop Drop” Phenomenon: Caregivers seem to be more frequently using the ER as a way to gain respite, according to a new study. A testament to the importance of self care for the caregiver as well as the CareStar.

Caregiving is Hard Enough. Isolation Can Make It Unbearable.: The New York Times has an always insightful column by Paula Span, The New Old Age. This column gives a window into the issues around caregiver isolation and its consequences.

Tips for Caregiving with Siblings: NextAvenue hits the nail on the head. In theory, caregiving with siblings or other support should ease the burden but it can often come with its own set of challenges. Effective communication is one way to help (that’s why we created CareZare). Take a read for more tips.

A Shared Distant Past Leads to New Bond for 92-Year-Old: This essay from our hometown paper, The Boston Globe, is an uplifting look at how a caregiver can make a difference--and at how our CareStars can find connections.

The Caregivers and the Elders - Photo Essay: Photographer Amanda Swinhart captured images of caregivers at work in eastern Massachusetts, in their offices and in the homes of the elderly clients they serve. She sought to highlight the importance of elder care and the challenges faced by both the elderly and their caregivers. Amanda shares the background and what she learned during the project, as well as some of the images.