CareZare Must Read Roundup for November 6, 2017

nov 5 reading roundup.png

Caring for a loved one can be a tough and lonely experience. Our goal at CareZare is to help bring the caregiver community together. Every other week, we’re sharing some of our favorite reads around caregiving. Our goal is to inspire you, lift you up and share new ideas or strategies. Enjoy!

National Family Caregivers Month: November is National Family Caregivers Month, an opportunity recognize and honor family caregivers across the country. Check out these resources and information to send to lawmakers to help get a proclamation to recognize all that family caregivers do.

How to Launch  a Care Team + Free Download (CareZare post): Part of the challenge that we seek to address here at CareZare is creating a way for the whole team of people taking care of your Care Star to work together. Step 1 is launching a care team. Not sure where to start? We've outlined the process in this post and provided you with a free worksheet to work through it yourself.

A Practical Guide to Caregiver Stress from the Mayo Clinic: Even when you have a great team managing care together, caregiver stress is inevitable. Self care is essential to staying healthy for your Care Star, yourself and your family. The Mayo Clinic has put together a great guide to doing that.

I'm Sandwiched Between Childcare and Elder Care: The story of one mom and daughter and her journey caring for both her parents and her own children, with a breakdown of family leave policies in flux around the country.

The Work & Life Podcast: Sarah Kagan - Caring for Aging Parents: Podcasts are a great way to get in some knowledge on the road or during a workout, and this podcast from earlier this year provides an interesting perspective on how businesses need to start thinking about elder care allowances for their employees in a similar way to how they've considered childcare. 

Anyone Who's Caring for Aging Parents Needs to Know About These Services: We talk about apps and care teams but what about the more practical things, like groceries and home repair? This Woman's Day piece is a first-person account of some wonderful and practical services to make life easier.

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