Celebrating National Family Caregiver's Month

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It's November, and it's National Family Caregiver's Month, created by the Caregiver Action Network. This is a month that focuses on the millions of family caregivers in the US just like you, raising awareness of your incredible contributions to the national healthcare landscape and providing tips and ideas on being a better caregiver--including caring for yourself.

You're Not Alone
Important Things to Know About Family Caregiving

  • The value of caregiving services that family members provide for free when caring for older adults is estimated at $375 million--nearly twice as much as what's spent on home care and nursing services combined. (2009 Evercare study)

  • The average family caregiver spends 20 hours per week caring for their loved one, with 13% spending 40+. (National Alliance for Caregiving in collaboration with AARP, 2009)

  • Up to 70% of family caregivers manage medications for their loved ones. (Caregiver's Action Network, 2012)

There's perhaps no more poignant time to celebrate family caregivers than the start to the holiday season. What's a busy time of year for anyone can be truly compounded by the stress and time family caregivers commit to their loved ones. Check out the video below for more from the Caregiver Action Network and download their tips guide for 2017, which is focused on Caregiving Around the Clock.

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