5 Tools for Long Term Care at Home

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Providing long term care at home can be an overwhelming task and may seem unmanageable at times. In order to streamline your efforts so that the health and safety of your loved one remains top priority, here are 5 technological tools that can help to make caregiving that much easier.

Video Monitoring Systems: It’s highly likely that you’re able to be with your loved one 24/7. However, the worry and stress associated with leaving someone alone can plague you if you don’t have proper measures in place to monitor his or her well-being. There are a variety of video monitoring systems available that can notify you when something is happening. From two-way audio to night vision capabilities, built-in motion sensors and sound detection, today’s video monitoring and surveillance systems offer a multitude of features that can provide peace of mind for you and your loved one.

Sensor Monitoring Systems: If your loved one feels uncomfortable being under the watch of a video system and is requesting more privacy, a sensor monitoring system is another safety alternative. Instead of a camera, these systems provide small wire sensors that can be placed in areas of the home that your loved one frequents on a regular basis, like near a pillbox, the television remote or the refrigerator. If your loved one wasn’t following his or her daily routine, then these sensors are set up to notify you so that you can check on the situation at home.

CareZare: Not only can caring for an elderly loved one be stressful and draining at times, but it can also be a challenge to effectively communicate with all parties involved in the caregiving process. Here’s where CareZare enters. We strive to provide a central location for all notes, data, interactions and experiences that various caregivers in your family circle track on a daily basis. Communication is key and we want to make sure you have the important bits and pieces at your fingertips in real-time.

Self-Learning Stove Alarms: Unfortunately, falling asleep or forgetting that the stove is on are common occurrences with aging loved ones, especially those with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Self-learning stove alarms are unique devices that predict the cooking patterns of your loved one, and act in a more sophisticated manner than a simple smoke or heat detector. The goal of these devices is to alert your loved one before toxic gases are emitted and, worse, before a fire starts.

Wearable Health / Activity Trackers: Watches and wristbands are two of the most popular pieces of wearable technology for seniors. These GPS-driven devices offer a variety of features and can track things like heart rate, blood pressure, sleep patterns, steps, calories and more. You can set up alerts and notifications to help you keep tabs on your loved one as well, so that if something seems off, you can act quickly.

CareZare is a FREE app for family caregivers to help them manage their care team and ensure the highest level of care for their loved one.