5 Self Care Tips for Caregivers with Limited Time

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As a caregiver, it’s important that you take the time to nurture and care for yourself, too. The job you’re doing comes with inevitable challenges so it’s critical that you possess self care tools designed to help you manage these stresses. Here are five time-friendly ways that you can reward yourself with relaxation on a daily basis:

Take a Walk: Clear your mind & get some fresh air. Mental & physical stimulation can help you to declutter your mind while taking the time to nourish your body with exercise. Even a 15-minute walk can do wonders for your spirit, so make sure that you’re rewarding yourself with some “you” time on a daily basis.

Ask for Help: While what you’re doing is miracle work, you’re not a miracle worker. In order for your loved one to receive the best care, you need to be able to identify and address when you need a break. Having a support team is necessary when taking on such a trying and intense endeavor.

Read a Book: Let yourself drift away from reality for 20-30 minutes each day. Reading for pleasure not only leads to increased mental capacity, but has also been linked to reducing anxiety and stress.

Laugh: Life is supposed to be full of enjoyment; find the ordinary moments in each day and laugh at the silliness that frequently surrounds us. Laughter has been linked to decreasing stress hormones while simultaneously releasing endorphins, our body’s “feel good” chemicals. As the saying goes, laughter truly is the best medicine.

Eat Your Veggies: This piece of advice doesn’t just apply to young children, these are words of wisdom for us all. By providing your body with the proper nutrients, you’re also improving your mental health. If you’re preparing healthy meals for your aging loved one on a regular basis, make sure to do the same for yourself.

What are some helpful self care tips that you’ve found to be most useful on your caregiving journey?

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