CareZare Must Read Roundup: Fall 2018


Caring for a loved one can be a tough and lonely experience. Our goal at CareZare is to bring the caregiver community together. Every other week, we’re sharing some of our favorite reads around caregiving. Our goal is to inspire you, lift you up and share new ideas or strategies. Enjoy!

Benefits of Support Groups for Family Caregivers: Being a family caregiver is NOT just like any other job. BUT, like many other jobs, a caregiver can easily get pigeonholed into a routine that makes it difficult to see anything except for the minutiae associated with daily tasks. When you lose sight of the big picture, you may experience a downward spiral that leads you to an unhealthy place mentally, emotionally & physically. For this reason, it’s important to be aware of the family caregiving resources available to you, which includes support groups.

Caregiver Bootcamp: Planning ahead for the prospect of family caregiving and the unknown factors that come along with it can be overwhelming & daunting. Start having the conversation early. Consider the elements of: where, who, how & authority.

Family Caregiving & Paid Leave in the U.S.: What is the future of family caregiving and paid leave in the U.S.? While this seems to be slowly catching on among major U.S. firms and is reportedly a priority of Ivanka Trump’s, there is still a long way to go and details remain vague.

Kids & Caregiving: Should parents add kids to the family caregiving team? Although the caregiving relationship has risks and benefits for both children and grandparents, this piece sheds some light on how to strike a balance. The primary key is engaging your children in an open discussion about their comfort level when it comes to performing care tasks and ensuring that their involvement doesn’t negatively impact other aspects of their young lives.

The Reality of Caring for an Aging Parent: One way that we can help each other, as a community, through the journey of family caregiving is by sharing our stories with one another and realizing that we’re not as alone as we may often feel. When caring for aging parents, it’s critical to divide responsibilities among siblings and other family members so that everyone understands what’s involved in and required when it comes to providing a proper & necessary level of care for a loved one.

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