I Need More Caregiving Help - How Do I Hire Someone?

In our previous post, we outlined a variety of indicators that would suggest the potential need to consider in-home care, ranging from personal hygiene to memory issues, caregiver stress & more. It seems as though the time has come to pursue this route with regard to your unique situation; you’ve realized that you can’t take on all aspects of caregiving on your own, and you’ve accepted that it’s okay to seek additional assistance. But now that you’re aware of what you may need, how do you go about the hiring process?


Here are a few steps that can help you to navigate your hiring journey:

Start with a Doctor’s Assessment

Before you embark upon the hiring process, be sure to have a doctor perform a detailed assessment so that you can specifically pinpoint what your loved one needs. As we noted in our in-home care assistance options post, there are many levels to consider and depending upon the needs of your loved one, his or her health insurance may cover one type versus another. Once you’re aware of the true needs of your loved one, you can start listing out limitations, expectations & doctor recommendations to help you determine where to start in your search.

Define Your Budget

Once you’ve received a doctor’s assessment and have determined the best & most logical options for your loved one, then you can start to look at the financial figures associated with your investment. While insurance may cover certain costs, you’ll likely need to contribute out of pocket as well. Now is the time to try to figure out how much family members can contribute from both a time and monetary perspective so that you can save where possible.

Iron Out a Preliminary Schedule

When you’ve figured out which family members are able to help, the next step is to create a schedule outlining specific days of the week and periods of hours where additional care is needed. By opening up the lines of communication with family members, you may realize that you don’t need outside assistance as often as you’d originally thought. Conversely, you may learn that there are a significant gaps of time to fill. Regardless of what you find, creating a schedule will help you to define your needs and make the best plan for your loved one.

Start Your Search

Do you feel most comfortable using an agency, a registry, a recommendation from a friend, or hiring independently? It’s a lot to consider so you want to make sure that you do your research before proceeding with your search. You need to weigh your financial situation, time requirements, needs of your loved one and many other factors before settling on a caregiver that is truly right for your situation. For example, if you’re most comfortable with using an agency, be prepared to pay more than you may if you hire independently. Additionally, as you’re going through the hiring process, be sure to have your loved one be a part of the interviewing process so that you can assess chemistry and identify any potential personality conflicts.

What has your experience been like with hiring an in-home caregiver? Do you have any advice for those just beginning their search?

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