Logan's Story + Good News for CareZare Users!


Since launching CareZare late last year, we have learned a lot about our users and fellow family caregivers from across the country. We started CareZare as more than just an app company. Because we can relate to the situation many family caregivers are in, we wanted to truly make a difference in the caregiving landscape and allow caregivers to spend more time on the rewarding aspects of this role and less time on administrative and communication stuff.

So first, for the good news: founder Logan Wells, a teenager, came up with the idea of CareZare because he wanted to help his parents, who were, and are, deeply involved in the care of his grandmother. Seeing some of the time spent communicating and the stress of one person doing most of the care management struck a chord with Logan. He was sure he could make a difference, so he learned how to code and came up with the early version of what's now CareZare.

With that in mind, as we have listened to feedback from users, we have decided to change the revenue model for CareZare. Instead of a free trial and then a monthly fee, CareZare will be free for family caregivers. (For larger organizations that choose to use CareZare to manage care, there will be a fee.) The free version will be brought to our users by carefully vetted sponsors who serve the family caregiving market.

We also thought this was a great point in this journey to tell Logan's story, because as a young entrepreneur with a mission-based mindset, his journey is a large part of the direction of CareZare.

A Family Crisis & Opportunity to Pitch In

CareZare really started, as most good ideas do, with a problem that Logan was seeing. About four years ago, Logan's grandmother was diagnosed with dementia and the family made a decision to allow her to stay in place at her home for as long as possible. With that decision came a number of ramifications--not least of which was the fact that Logan's mom, Hallie, took the lead as family caregiver. While Hallie had lots of help from the rest of the family and professional companions or caregivers, Logan noticed she also spent a lot of time (outside her full-time job and caring for her own family) organizing, communicating and delegating.

He knew he could help, and he figured a smartphone app was the key to making this easier. In talking with his parents, Logan quickly recognized that caregiving could be rewarding, but like any joyful thing, the administrative headaches could weigh it down, so he started to approach those problems and learned how to code.

Rethinking the Caregiving Model

If you read up on family caregiving, you'll notice a universal trend. There's always a lead caregiver, and for that person, caregiving can become a stressful burden, taking them away from work, family, and affecting their health. As a family, we began to re-think how caregiving could be distributed. Could we take a team approach? While it's true that one person will always need to take the lead (we call that person the Care Captain), was it possible to make that leadership a bit easier to manage?

The answer was yes, and in using our own experiences and talking with others that were in similar situations, we began to identify pain points that were most salient and tackling those with our app. Specifically, we looked at making communication automatic and seamless, allowing the entire team to get access to what they needed, receive automatic notifications and reminders and generally stay in the loop as to what was going on. The burden of communication is removed from the Care Captain if the team has 24x7 access to what they need.

Eventually, the needs became clarified enough that we contracted with a development team to polish the app and make some of the more complex features happen.

What CareZare app users need continues to evolve over time, too. We are constantly listening to our user base to figure out how we can make things quick, easy and seamless and provide them with the chance to spend quality time with their Care Star instead of administrative time.

Balancing Entrepreneurship & High School

Starting a company in high school hasn't come without its challenges for Logan. He's in the unique position of working with both parents on the project, providing him with lots of support, encouragement and education from both the tech and caregiving side. As a full-time high school student (currently a senior), Logan has poured his free time into making CareZare a success, developing the app and reaching new audiences. 

What's Next

We are learning more every day about the caregivers we serve and are continuing to adapt the app to fit their needs. Over the next couple of months we will be dedicated on improving the user experience so that the app continues to be simple to use while making the busy lives of caregivers as easy as possible. We will also be hard at work on our capabilities to help care organizations best serve their clients.

Ready to get started with CareZare? Click here to download the app for free or access our web version!