CareZare Reading Roundup: Important News for Caregivers

general reading roundup.png

We're encouraged to see family caregiving become an increasingly frequent topic in the news lately. Today, we're rounding up some of the best stories about family caregiving we've seen lately so you can stay in the loop and get valuable tips and ideas.

PARADE - 7 Tips for Coping with Emotions of Caregiving: Caring for a loved one can be taxing in many ways, but a lot of caregivers don't expect the emotional punch. There are some great ideas here for finding your way when the emotions are unexpected.

NPR - Family Caregivers Finally Get A Break--and Some Coaching: Family caregiving is finally receiving the recognition by the government for the incredibly important part of our healthcare system that it is. This piece is an amazing outline of some of the funding and programming being put in place for family caregivers. 

Kiplinger's - Caregivers Need to Take a Break: Caregiver burnout is real. Respite care is a viable option for getting a break, but about 85% of caregivers don't use it. This piece outlines how it works, what your options are and why you should consider it.

Fast Company - The Overlooked Benefit Gen X Workers Need: 24 million family caregivers are also balancing work. Check out some of the companies who are looking after family caregivers as part of their policies.

US News & World Report - Yes, 8 Year Old Caregivers Exist: CareZare is living proof that kids involved in family caregiving are effected--and those effects can be both positive and negative. US News outlines how some child caregivers benefit from their role while others may need more support.

Reader's Digest - 60 Things Every Caregiver Needs to Know: Great, research-backed tips from people who've been there. This is an especially good read if you're at the start of your caregiving journey.

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