5 Reasons Family Caregivers Should Consider Support Groups

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Being a family caregiver is NOT just like any other job. BUT, like many other jobs, a caregiver can easily get pigeonholed into a routine that makes it difficult to see anything except for the minutiae associated with daily tasks. When you lose sight of the big picture, you may experience a downward spiral that leads you to an unhealthy place mentally, emotionally & physically. For this reason, it’s important to be aware of the family caregiving resources available to you, which includes support groups.

Here are 5 critical benefits that support groups can provide for family caregivers:

Share Experiences with Like-Minded People

As human beings, we all appreciate a good venting session. It’s cathartic to air grievances and get problems off your chest; this can help you clear your mind and move forward with your day. However, it’s often more beneficial when you can share these issues with people living in similar circumstances, with people who can relate and truly understand the root of what you’re feeling.

Decrease Your Sense of Loneliness & Reduce Anxiety

Caregiving can be a lonely journey. It’s easy to remove yourself from social situations when your primary responsibility is caring for another human being; especially when it’s an individual who requires round the clock supervision. Not only does your life entail exhaustion and stress, but you may also develop feelings of social anxiety and an inability to connect with people the way you once might have. Joining a support group is a simple way to reformulate bonds and make connections with people who are enduring a similar lifestyle.

Feel Empowered & Regain Control

As a caregiver, your overall mission may become blurry at times and you may start to focus on life as a checklist, concentrating only on what you need to get done each day. Give yourself the opportunity to regain your sense of empowerment and to retake control of your own life. You’re allowed to have feelings, to desire peer contact, to release frustration and to rejuvenate your spirit. Lean on the energy and motivation of your peers to help you reground yourself and become re-inspired.

Improve Your Coping Skills & Your Caregiving Ability

When you participate in a support group, you can learn invaluable information about how to identify healthy ways to cope with your situation. Sharing strategies with those who know what it’s like to walk a day in your shoes can change someone’s entire perspective on how they interpret not only caregiving, but also their own self-worth in relation to this overwhelming and demanding journey. By acquiring the proper strategies and tools for coping, you can improve your own caregiving ability.

Advice, Resources & Treatment Options

To create an all encompassing summary, joining a support group can reward you with insightful advice from others, a wealth of useful resources, and an avenue for any treatment options you may be seeking for yourself or your loved one.

If you currently participate in an online or in-person support group that has helped you to navigate your family caregiving journey with optimism and positivity, please feel free to share it with the rest of the community.

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