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Getting Paid for Family Caregiving

Good news appears to be on the horizon for America’s 40 million family caregivers, as the Senate recently passed the RAISE Family Caregivers Act. Why create a national caregiving strategy? Some of the goals of this plan include: providing training for family caregivers, identifying ways to increase financial security for family caregivers, collecting and sharing information about innovative family caregiving models, and many other points that would help to strengthen the support surrounding this large, diverse and constantly growing population.

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Celebrating National Family Caregiver's Month

It's November, and it's National Family Caregiver's Month, created by the Caregiver Action Network. This is a month that focuses on the millions of family caregivers in the US just like you, raising awareness of your incredible contributions to the national healthcare landscape and providing tips and ideas on being a better caregiver--including caring for yourself.

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