Our Story

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We’re a family with a loved one who needed care.
And we built CareZare because we needed it.

Family caregivers are a mainstay of healthcare in the United States, with 40 million unpaid caregivers contributing an average of 20 hours per week in care. But they’ve long gone unsupported--until now.

At CareZare, we are on a mission to empower family caregivers, allowing them to provide the best possible care for their loved ones while also taking care of themselves. The purpose of CareZare is to shift caregiving from a solo burden to a team-driven approach involving other family and friends, professional caregivers and outside services. Caregiving can be overwhelming; CareZare is here to guide you through.

We created CareZare because we are family caregivers. When our family matriarch, Nannie, was diagnosed with dementia, we leapt into action. But it quickly became apparent that we were facing a steep learning curve. We needed to climb it, fast, all while figuring out how to share the burden of care, manage professional caregivers, maintain our lives as parents, kids, professionals and students, and, most importantly, provide the world’s best possible care to keep Nannie safe and happy.

Four years later, here we are. We continue to climb our learning curve while sharing our insights with you. The CareZare app provides a complete toolkit for managing care of your loved one in a centralized place, removing stress and improving care. Our goal is to guide you through the process of caregiving through the app and content on our site. 'Til then, take care.

Logan Wells, founder of CareZare, son, grandson


The CareZare Team

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Logan Wells - co-founder & CareChief

Aside from being the Wells family basketball champion, Logan is the brains behind CareZare. Watching his parents and aunt take on the monumental task of caring for his grandmother after she was diagnosed with dementia triggered an entrepreneurial spark in Logan, then a high school sophomore.

Logan realized he could make a difference in the world of caregiving and develop a business around it, and he quickly engaged his family to help make it happen.

Hallie Wells - co-founder & CareGuide

Hallie has spent her life as a caretaker, caring for people ranging from her special education students to traumatic brain injury patients to her extended family and friends. As CareGuide, Hallie takes her real world experience to help cultivate the user experience in CareZare and ensure that the Care Teams have all the resources they need to build and manage their caregiving teams.

Those close to her are aware of Hallie's love of singing which earned her a college scholarship, but she maintains her proudest moment was winning the best dancer award in junior high school.

Eric Wells - co-founder & CareTeam member

CareZare is a natural fit for Eric, melding his passion for entrepreneurship with his love of caregiving. At 10, Eric started a paper route (which morphed into a lawn mowing and snow removal business); as a teenager he also made meals for his grandmother, who was afflicted with cancer. 

Eric has spent the past two decades working as a technologist in a variety of roles, meeting some incredible people along the way.